Instagram Research Methods Chapter

  The new SAGE Handbook of Social Media Research Methods recently came out, and I’m happy to have had the opportunity to contribute a chapter on Instagram research methods. I came to Instagram research primarily as a long time user of Instagram and I was struck (at the time) by how few people seemed be to doing any research here despite the […]

DTC-GT practices in Genetics and Medicine

I just got back from the American Public Health Association meeting in Denver where I presented a poster of my recent work on the data transparency policies of direct-to-consumer genetic testing (DTC-GT) companies. This is a fairly new area of research for me (born out of collaboration with one of my biostatistics colleagues who works on the genetic determinants of […]

#Vapelife in Substance Use and Misuse

I’m really pleased to report that my study looking at vaping posts on Instagram is now up online in Substance Use and Misuse (there’s a fixed number of copies that can be downloaded for free here). In this work, we took a qualitative exploratory approach to the analysis of #ecig and #vape posts on Instagram. I think perhaps the most […]

Innovations in Global Tobacco Control Lecture

Since my hosting company just helpfully reminded me that I needed to pay them money to renew my domain name, I figured that I should at least make an attempt at semi-regular updates on here. My current work has primarily been focused on vaping and social media. So far I’ve had the pleasure of presenting this work at Madison, Hopkins, […]

Recent work

Just a quick update to add some of my recent work. Back in March I was on local NPR station WUWM to talk about my work on NGO activities relating to meat consumption and also to make a plug for people to offer comments on the proposed inclusion of sustainability in the new US dietary guidelines. You can listen to […]