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Just a quick update to add some of my recent work.

Back in March I was on local NPR station WUWM to talk about my work on NGO activities relating to meat consumption and also to make a plug for people to offer comments on the proposed inclusion of sustainability in the new US dietary guidelines. You can listen to the full interview here.

My manuscript on public perceptions of in-vitro meat (IVM) just came out in Public Health Nutrition. This work was informed by a content analysis of public blog comments on the new stories covering the big IVM hamburger event back in August of 2013. Unfortunately it’s behind a paywall, but if you can’t access it just let me know. In short, people have very conflicted opinions about the idea of IVM at this point still. I’m working on a follow up paper on the ethical dimensions of people’s perceptions and what that means for policy promoting sustainable eating. The full citation for my current paper is:

Laestadius, L. & Caldwell, M. (2015). Is the future of meat palatable?: Perceptions of in-vitro meat as evidenced by online news comments. Public Health Nutrition.


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